Maximizing Blog “Searchability” through SEO

May 1, 2010 by admin  
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It is the most challenging part in blogging for most bloggers. Getting people to actually search and view their blogs to drive traffic. So how is traffic created in blogs? The answer lies in SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Having your blog indexed by giant search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN in a good blog search result opens the possibility of your blog being viewed by a good number of people. With millions of web users around the world looking for answers in the internet and using these search engines, missing out on this idea of optimization makes your blog futile.
Another thing that a blogger must not miss out is the quality of information that has to be delivered. SEO and quality information should go along to increase your chances of being viewed by readers. Quality content and SEO should be in balance. Quality information means a good output of your article with the correct target people. It doesn’t have to conflict with focusing on SEO along.

Optimizing Search Engines requires a specific technique and you don’t have to be an expert to learn it. The secret here is not mainly in the topic but the relevance of your topic to the keywords that people are looking for. Suppose a reader is in search for blogs about retirement benefits, so instead of elaborating more on the topic, hit the keywords; retirement, plus benefits and put a lot of emphasis to it.

Another secret in optimizing blog search engines is to be linked to other relevant bloggers. Other bloggers become relevant when they are blogging a topic that touches one or two of your keywords. Notify them of your blog and get connected. The more connections you make the better chances of traffic. Imagine a person viewing a different blog and not even on your range, but being directed to your blog because of the connection. It’s simple but tricky.

Other bloggers buy links from sites with a good blog search engine rank. It’s not really the best of options but not a bad idea at all. You can also swap links with other site owners but this is a bit more complicated but very useful to divert readers to your page. There are a lot of ways to optimize your blog search, but only few are proven to create real traffic. So try out the suggestions for your blog and see if the results are there.

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